Prints by Peter Randall

Selected images are available for purchase as signed prints, framed or unframed.

Please contact us to request an image list and price schedule.

Panoramic Prints

A number of fine art prints from the panoramic images published in New Hampshire A Living Landscape are available. Called giclee prints, these images are unique digital photographs. The original image is a transparency made with a Linhof 6 x 17 panorama camera. The image is then digitally scanned into a computer, and output on a high-tech Iris ink jet printer which sprays one million drops of ink per second from each of four nozzles onto a fine, imported, archival-quality watercolor paper. The resulting print has a painterly quality while at the same time being very sharp with brilliant color.

Since the panorama camera has 3 to 1 size ratio, the resulting images are horizontal in shape. While nearly any size can be made, a 10" x 30" print seems to be an ideal size for display.

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