New Hampshire A Living LandscapeNew Hampshire A Living Landscape

Panoramic Photographs of New Hampshire
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by Peter E. Randall...$35
Essay by Ronald Jager, Foreword by Stephen H. Taylor

This is a spectacular, large format, 96-page hard cover book featuring 46 color panoramic images by one of New Hampshire's leading photographers. Most of the photographs span two pages and measure 21" x 7".

According to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, "Technically and artistically, these are among the most striking images ever made in the Granite State -- from the Seacoast to the North Country. They express perfectly the qualities that make our state special, from forested wilderness areas to historic buildings and stone walls." Photographing for the book began in 1991 -- a project that required Randall to drive thousands of miles around New Hampshire to record scenes in all seasons, especially the spectacular fall foliage for which the state is so famous.

As New Hampshire Commissioner of Agriculture Stephen H. Taylor writes in his foreword, "Peter Randall brings to his New Hampshire photography a deep affection for and keen understanding of the state, its natural environment, and the idiosyncrasies of its people and culture. The photographs in this book reflect the diversity and complexity of the state's landscape, and especially the fascinating interplay of forests, fields, waters, and built features that make the New Hampshire countryside so appealing."

Publication of this book was made possible through a generous grant from Fisher Scientific International, Inc., of Hampton, in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

96 pages, 46 full color photographs, clothbound. ISBN 0-914339-56-7...$35

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